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For Sale: Rose Tyler SA Firetrap Harrie jacket in Medium & ALT Diesel patchwork top in Medium
Hello all!

I'm looking to sell a couple of Rose items that I don't use anymore.

Diesel patchwork top: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302233647983

Firetrap Harrie jacket: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302233647665

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. <3

Selling ALT Rose & Bad Wolf SA
I have two Rose/Bad Wolf items available on eBay:

DIESEL reversible MOCKBA jacket in ALT green from School Reunion, size M

SA AllSaints Jodelle dress in gray from Day of the Doctor/50th Anniversary, size UK 14

Selling both relatively cheap, just listed for what I paid for them myself. Let me know if you have any questions!

ISO Clara & Oswin Items: RoA, DotD, NiS, AotD
I'm looking for a few (admittedly popular) Clara/Oswin items, so if anyone is interested in selling theirs, please let me know! I'm looking for any/all of the following dresses/skirts, in a Large size:

-- Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Fishtail Dress from The Rings of Ahkaten
-- River Island Bright Tea Dress from Day of the Doctor (would also consider the skirt ALT)
-- Urban Outfitters Sparkle + Fade (Silence + Noise?) Carnation Skirt from Nightmare in Silver

Also some shoes I'm on the lookout for as well:
-- River Island Hidden Wedge Red High Tops from Asylum of the Daleks (size UK 5.5 or 6)
-- F-Troupe Wedges from NiS and Hide (size UK 5.5 or 6)

Rose Tyler Questions

Hello all!

I was hoping someone would be able to help me - I've been trying to collect Rose's Doomsday outfit for a while now. A couple of months ago I purchased a pair of topshop pinstripe wool trousers, but they were two sizes too small (PM me for pictures if you're interested!). And then last week I found a pair on eBay in my size, but they aren't wool.

Does anyone know what the exact cut and style are of the Doomsday trousers? All I can find on Bad Wolf Closet is that they are Topshop and pinstripe.

Any help is much appreciated!

Cheers :)

ISO Clara helmet
I haven't been on here in forever, but I'm trying to find Clara's Premier Jet Vintage Helmet.  Does anyone have a line on anyone still selling them?  I need an XS, but the people who used to sell them don't anymore.  I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any leads!  Thanks :)

For Sale or trade: SA Rose Tyler

SA Diesel School Reunion jacket in a size MEDIUM. In great condition, showing only very minimal signs of wear ( extremely light piling on cloth pieces).

Asking $200 OBO plus shipping.

As far as trading goes, please PM me so we can discuss it. I am, however, only interested in trading for other Rose Tyler pieces. I'd really love to trade for a small in the same jacket.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

For Sale/Trade: Lee Denim Jacket Size Small
Hey guys!

Looking to sell or trade this jacket, it's the SA alt version (buttons do up on the opposite side to the SA one) and I thought the medium would be too big so waited till I found a small.

Trade-wise just a size medium-large in either the SA one or the SA alt, but SA shade please

If you're wanting to or know someone who is message me for questions, pictures and offers xx

Clara Sales & Clara ISO
game ♛ wander alone child and see where
Selling Clara and ISO Clara:

SA F-Troupe Scallop Wedges DYED BLACK from Hide/NIS - EU 38 - $70USD
SA Karen Millen Oversized Check Plaid Skirt- US10/UK14 - $150USD
SA Topshop Scallop Hem Shorts BNWT - US12/UK16 - $78USD
SA Sparkle and Fade Red Marl Cardigan - Large - $30USD
SA Topshop Diamond Print Cream Blouse - US12/UK16 - $60USD
SA Topshop Mulberry Sheer Panel Blouse - US12/UK16 - $95USD
SA Topshop Red Ladder Stitch Sweater - US10/UK14 - $50USD
ALT Missguided Cropped Turtleneck in Mustard from UTL/BTF - Medium - $15USD
ALT Overall Skirt (Rose Tyler) and pink crown tee from Tooth & Claw - Large - BOTH $90USD

Claudie Pierlot Scallop Trim Embroidered Skirt - Size 10 or Size 12 US / UK 14 or UK 16

I have rare Clara/Amy dresses that I may consider trading for my ISO

Feel free to PM me for pictures or any questions.

ISO: Whistles pineapple dress
Anastasia, Dimitri
As I'm sure a lot of people still are, I'm looking for the Whistles pineapple dress! There was a mishap today and I'm absolutely devastated. I'm looking for a UK 8 or 10, don't care if it doesn't have the belt or has some damage-- I'll still consider it.


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