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Size Trade or Selling: AllSaints Axelle Jacket

I finally got the All Saints Axelle Jacket in a UK8 but sadly i underestimated my shoulders and need for comfort so I'm looking for a bigger size — preferably a 12 but I might also trade for 10 or a
I‘d also sell it for € 80 to another cosplayer :)
The Jacket was bought pre-owned but is in good condition. You can find pictures on my depop (nelesmr) and message me there!

Clara Oswald cosplay items for sale

Topshop Scalloped Shorts SA Clara Oswald Size 10. £25 plus postage.

Asos Floral Shirt Dress As Seen On Clara Oswald Size 10 UK. £125 plus postage.

Kimichi Blue Urban Outfitter Green Draped Cardigan ASO Clara Oswald Size S. Condition is Used.I have worn this a few times, there is a small pluck near to the right pocket £20 plus postage.

Topshop Sheer Burgundy Shirt double panel Size 8 SA Clara Oswald Cosplay.£20 plus postage.

These have all been worn by myself and the previous owners. I can send extra photos.

Thanks x

Size Trade SA All Saints Layer Boots + Alts for Sale!

Hey folks, double post!

First, I just managed to get my hands on a pair of the SA All Saints Layer Boots like Matt wore in S5, though in the cropped rerelease. Unfortunately, they're a bit small on me, so I thought I'd see if anyone had a pair to trade! These are a European 41, so roughly a US 8.5. Ideally hoping to find like a 43/9.5?

I also have my alts I had before for sale, if anyone is interested! Also by All Saints, these are a EU 42, though either they run a bit bigger than the SA, or they're a bit more stretched out. These fit me comfortably, and I normally wear a 9.5-10 US. Great alts, especially with a black polish on the lower shoe, but do need some TLC on the soles. Picked these up on ebay earlier this year, haven't actually used them at all. Never got around to having them repaired. Asking $30 + shipping from Los Angeles

Dyed Firetrap Harrie -- Trade / Offers

Looking to trade my Firetrap Harrie (dyed) for other Rose Tyler items! This jacket was originally the white version of the jacket, which I received already once dyed. After arduous attempts at dyeing the jacket myself, I was finally satisfied with the color I was able to achieve. The buckles, originally silver on the white jacket, have been changed by me to the gold color of the screen accurate jacket.

This particular jacket is a size medium but would easily fit a large. There are no rips or tears, and further images of it can be found on my instagram (@dont.step.on.that.fish.castiel). Please feel free to message or comment with offers! Thank you! <3