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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

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clara items for sale/trade

  I've decided to focus my time, energy and money into a few Clara variants that I really want to fully complete. So I'm clearing out some items to help me do this.
PLEASE make me an offer as these items need to go! I ship internationally! 

  • For sale or trade (see my list of iso below).
    River Island red ditsy dress from Day of the Doctor size 8.
    Topshop diamond print shirt from The Caretaker size 8. (only item with slight flaw near the collar).
    River Island brogue ankle boots from Into the Dalek size euro 39. (they fit more like a 40 which is the main reason why I'm selling them).
  • ISO List:
    Topshop Awesome Boots from The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar size euro 39.
    Urban Outfitters Deena and Ozzy Satchel looking for both the tan and red one.

ISO Clara's Hobbs dress in a size 10 or 12

I am still desperately searching for the Hobbs dress in a size 10 or 12. I am paypal ready. x

Lace Collar Blouse

Hello, all. I'm currently looking to complete my Clara Oswald TOTD cosplay by acquiring the Vaudeville & Burlesque Lace Collar Shirt/Blouse. I ideally need an XS-S (UK6-8) and would happily take one of the alts with the identical collar (Forever 21 and Misguided). Thank you!

Selling SA and Alt Clara Oswald cosplay items
Harry Neville
Apologies if I haven't formatted this correctly, I have no idea how to use this haha. Selling SA DOTD River Island dress, SA Pipe Tile Print Shirt Dress in alt colour, BOSJ Silence + Noise alt and ITFOTN Topshop space dye jumper alt.

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ISO UO Mini Aztec Eagle Necklace (SA)
I know it's rare by now, but I'm searching for a screen accurate version of the Urban Outfitters Mini Aztec Eagle Necklace. If anyone has one they're looking to sell, or any leads,  please let me know by replying to this post (e.g. to say that you've messaged me).

For reference, I mean the one pictured here: https://theultimateguidetothefashionofdoctorwho.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/clara-oswald-the-bells-of-saint-john-aztec-bird-necklace-steal-her-style/

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Thanks so much!

SA Topshop space dye jumper and River Island ditsy dress

Selling a SA Topshop grey space dye jumper from ITFOTN, size 8 and the SA River Island ditsy dress from DOTD, size 14 over on my depop: lauraisanoun

Rose Doomsday Jacket
dw - goodbye
Found the Firetrap Hunta Jacket on ebay, size small


The seller does not mention, but it appears to be missing the collar.

Rare ISO

Hello, all! 

I know pretty much every other Clara is looking for these items but I thought I'd try my luck by posting my rare ISOs on here.

I'm looking for the NOTD NW3 Hobbs dress in Elm and the JTTCOTT Vaudeville & Burlesque Fit and Flare dress. I need them in XS-S UK6/8. 

Thank you very much :)

Looking to buy Empty Child jacket 😊
Lucy Dillon
Im looking to purchase a empty child jacket for my cosplay collection. I have alts of the oasis jacket,firetrap leather jacket and moment boots that im willing to sell/trade.