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For Sale: Rose, Clara and 12th Doctor
Hi y’all, I’m selling a few SA pieces all in good condition or new without tags. Price includes shipping within the UK and would be an extra £20 for international. I’m open to offers on everything. Payment through Paypal invoice, message on here or on Instagram if interested or if you have any questions. Thank you!

12th Doctor Zara Mens Paint splatter Jumper/sweater in a size MEDIUM. Great condition never worn but without tags. £250.

Rose Tyler Diesel reversable jacket from the school reunion in a size SMALL. Good condition with some wear on the chord and missing the leather bits. £100.


Topshop Tile Dress in Green in a UK10. Great Condition bought second hand and only worn once. £100.

Topshop Multi Panel Shirt in Mulberry in a UK10 and Topshop Jacquard Folk Skirt in a UK12. Both in great condition the shirt was bought second hand and the skirt was new. £30 for both or £20 each.

Topshop Petit Tartan Skort in a UK12. Great condition never worn. £10.

Zara Red leather studded gloves in a size MEDIUM. Great condition bought new and only worn a few times. £25.

Topshop Floral Collar blouse in a TALL UK16. Great Condition bought second hand and only worn once. £10

Silence and Noise Carnation Zip-Through Skirt in a size MEDIUM. Great Condition bought second hand and only worn once, the red has faded slightly over time. £30. SOLD

Sparkle and Fade Animal Curved Hem Blouse in a size MEDIUM. Good condition bought second hand and worn once by me. £10.

Gap Open-stitch Sweater Top in Beige in size LARGE. Great condition bought new and never worn. £20.

Sparkle & Fade Drape Pocket Cardigan Pink in a size SMALL. Great Condition bought second hand and only worn once. £20

Jigsaw Bib & Tab shirt in Black in a size UK10. Good condition with slight wear underneath the armpits, bought second hand and worn once by me. £50. ON HOLD

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FS: Rose Tyler Oasis Purple Leather Jacket....
A little disappointment
Hi Everyone,

I never thought I would have to do this but here I am selling my pride and joy, Oasis purple leather jacket. It is a size 10 and obviously one of the rarest Rose Tyler items out there. It is practically brand new and has been really taken care of. If you are interested feel free to drop a PM.

Clara Oswald SALE and ISO's

I'm selling a lot of Clara clothes in very good condition. 

I'm located in Belgium, but I ship internationally.

Prices in Euro, you can make offers too. 

I'm also looking for items to complete my Clara outfits.

May be willing to trade for items in size UK 10/12/14 and shoes UK 6 

I accept payment through Paypal.

You can also send me a message on Instagram (username mtimdg) as I sometimes have problems replying to PMs on this site.

Listings: (see pictures)

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For Sale: SA Rose Tyler Fear Her Diesel top, medium
Selling the SA version here:

And an ALT blue version here:

Feel free to comment or message if you have any questions. <3


Selling the lovely Caretaker carpetry skirt in Size UK10/EU38. That's normally the size I'm wearing but I ended up with a UK14/EU42 :/ 

I bought it on eBay and never wore it myself. It's in perfect condition and I'm asking for 40 Euros, the price I paid...offers are also welcome. 

May be willing to trade for items from my ISOs (see entry below) in size UK 10/12/14 (depends on item and brand) and shoes UK 6. 

I accept payment through Paypal. Message me if you are interested!

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Topshop Skort for Sale

I have the Topshop skort from the "Robot of Sherwood" episode in size 6 (the result of an impulsive midnight shopping, I though it was a Size 16 instead of 6...oh dear!). I want to sell them and I'm asking for 30€ each to get my money back...OOOOR trade them if anyone of you has a size UK14/EU42 or more which would be perfect :)
I may be willing to trade the skorts for other items from my ISO list (see post below) in size UK 10/12/14 (depends on item and brand) and shoes UK 6.
I accept payment through Paypal. Message me if you are interested.

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Selling Eleventh Doctor Costume Pieces
Aaron Rivin
Selling 1.25 yards of this fantastic alt for Eleven’s scale fabric. 55x44 inches, minus a small piece where a swatch was cut. Just needs a grey/purple bath and it’ll be perfect!
Asking $35 OBO

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Rose Tyler Doomsday Pinstriped Pants
Just the link to these I found on ebay if anyone needs a pair! (It is not my auction)

Eleventh Doctor Series 6 Tweed Size Trade
Aaron Rivin

Stumbled upon a REALLY damn close Series 6 Shetland Tweed alt, but it's too big for me. I figure this is a long shot, but any chance anyone has a small/medium (I generally wear a 36R) that would be interested in getting a bigger one?


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