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Clara Oswald items for sale
Selling SA Clara Oswald pieces:

Silence + Noise at Urban Outfitters Space Dye Dress in a size large, from The Bells of Saint John. Mine was grey but I dyed it a few years ago to the screen accurate red. I've compared it in person to the SA colour and it looks pretty exact. I'm asking $250 USD or best offer.

Topshop Diamond Print Blouse in a UK 14/ US 10 from The Caretaker. Asking $75 USD or best offer.

Topshop Hybrid Shirt Jumper in a UK 14/ US 10 from Face the Raven. Asking $125 USD or best offer.

Miss Patina Primrose Pinafore in Medium, new with tags still attached. Asking $125 USD or best offer.

All of the items besides the Miss Patina dress have only been worn a handful of times, and are in excellent condition.

Shoot me a message if interested. All prices negotiable!

Rose Tyler Forever Diesel
I found an SA Rose Diesel hoodie on ebay not my sale. Its a size small uk shipping only. Though I'd share.

Journeys End Alt
Hey everyone I have a Forever 21 alt purple bomber as shown on badwolf cosplay's site. I wore it once but it must have been humid out because the fake leather started to separate from the jacket, like a lot. I am tempted to just put it out of its misery so I am offering here for basically any offer + shipping and handling to save the life of the size M before I throw it. First come first serve no requests = its gone in 7 days.

Clara Oswald - Updated ISO

Hey guys! I'm trying to find these Clara Oswald items to finish cosplay outfits I have. Any help finding these (mostly for decent, reasonable prices) would be super helpful! :)


Topshop Contrast Green Check Lined Mac (UK 12/US 8, UK 10/US 6)

Topshop Black Scallop Hem Shorts (UK 12/US 8)

ASOS Shirt Dress in Floral Print (UK 12/US 8,UK 10/US 6, or UK 8/US 4)

Topshop Spike Prism Stretch Bracelet

Topshop Gold Tone Cross Bracelet

Topshop Hexagon Earring Pack

Whistles Rana Double-Cord Friendship Bracelet in Brown

Urban Outfitters Gold Tiny Triangle Necklace

Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Animal Curved Blouse (preferably a medium)

Claudie Pierlot Frill-Trimmed Knitted Jumper (EUR 40)

Whistles Mim Tencel Shorts in Navy Blue (M or L)

J. Crew Collection Black Cashmere Long Sleeve T-Shirt (M)

& Other Stories Monk Strap Low-Cut Boots (UK 5/US 7)

& Other Stories Leather Black Jacket (UK 12/US 8)

J. Crew Merino Jumper in Heather Smoke or Heather Dove, Long Sleeved Version (M)

& Other Stories Green Pearl Print Collar Dress (UK 12 or UK 10, only looking for the one with collar because I already own the collarless one, but will possibly trade/sell depending on luck trying to find this lol, not likely but you never know)

Topshop Funnel Neck Ribbed Crop Sweater (UK 12/US 8, UK 10/US 6)

Jigsaw Bib & Tab Black Silk Blouse (M or L)

Oasis Yellow Faux Leather Collar Jumper (M or L)

Claudie Pierlot Brooklyn Top (EUR 40)

Claudie Pierlot Scallop Trim Skirt (EUR 40)

& Other Stories White Ruffled Collar Blouse (UK 12/US 8)

Dune Bertie Astor Black Lace Up Black Wingtip Block Heel Shoes (UK 5/US 7, UK 6/US 8)

Dune Bertie Astor Navy Lace Up Black Wingtip Block Heel Shoes (UK 5/US 7, UK 6/US 8)

Clara's All Saints Elias Mac Replica?
When I first started collecting Clara's clothes, I stumbled across a replica of her All Saints Elias Mac on eBay. I wasn't looking for it at that time and now the listing is gone. Does anyone know of a website where it might still be available?

Hi Rivers :) Crillo alert Ebay

Amy Pond Marsden Jacket size UK12
Kelly Wise
Not mine but I found this jacket on Ebay and since the size wouldn't fit me I figured I'd share here!

Rose Wanted
Encase most of you haven't figured this out I really want to expand my Rose collection XD Yes I sell when I get dupes; better quality or size up or move from an alt. That's collecting. However if you have any Rose collecting dust please send me a shout. I will always trade anything I am selling or try a $ value for more Rose. Thank you all. :) p.s. buy my stuff and size trade my wish-list. Items currently up on ebay and depop.

Selling RARE SA Amy Pond, Rose Tyler( +The Moment) items

Hi all!

I am finally decided to sell my SA items collection, because I am out of cosplay and I need more free space in my wardrobe.
I am based in Russia and ship international!

I will put here list of items and their prices( shipping included!):

Amy Pond - The God Complex/Rebel Flash & Almost People - RARE - SA Topshop brown PU Pilot jacket, size UK8/US6 - 215
Amy Pond - A Good Man Goes To War - RARE - SA Palladium Baggy Canvas Boue boots, size eur38 - 250

Amy Pond - Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang - SUPER RARE( version 2009) - SA Oasis Waterfall jacket, size S - 290

Amy Pond - The Night Terrors - SUPER RARE - SA Noa Noa West End Mist Melange dress, size S -

Rose Tyler aka The Moment - The Day of the Doctor - SUPER RARE - All Saints Rona vest, size S - 350

Rose Tyler - School Reunion - SUPER RARE - Diesel jacket, size S or M - 350

Rose Tyler - THE ROSE - SUPER RARE - Pucca Funny Love bag - 430
€  - P.S. this bag in my wardrobe since this episode come in!

If you want to get item(s) from my list and for more details - contact with me through email or find me on Facebook: Polina Lightman(


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