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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

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Selling Clara stuff
Katie Rose
Hey guys! I’m selling LOADS of Clara stuff on my depop katierosew

Including the claudie pierlot blouse from sleep no more and the Axelle denim jacket

Selling SA the kooples red fancy crepe and lace dress XS
Hi, I'm in need of money so i sadly have to say goodbye to my Screen accurate the kooplew dress.
It is a beautiful dress with gorgeous lace cut outs.
It's a size XS and was never worn by me.
Asking for 110€ but also considering reasonable offers.
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Clara sales/trades
Hi, I’m still selling:

SA AllSaints denim axelle jacket - £110 ONO (size 8)
(! I would be willing to do a partial trade of this for the Asos Check jacket as seen in Into the Dalek!)

SA yumi bow cardigan in green - £33 (size 10)

Selling the SA &other stories skirt from the woman who lived
It's a size EU38/UK10 and made of wool with a zipper at the side.
Asking for 35€ + shipping.
International shipping is of course possible :)
You can message me here or on depop: @/discoveringautumn

a picture is available on my depop and I'll add it here later

need help with shipping
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone in the UK could help me with shipping? I am in the US so certain sellers won't ship to me.

Clara Sales

— Silence & Noise Space Dye Dress (Bells of St. John) in alt grey colour. Size XS, £30.
— Sparkle & Fade Cardigan (Dark Water) in pink. Size S, £10.
— Topshop Grey Skirt (alt) from Woman Who Lived. Size 8, £5.

Message me on Depop — lauzylou — or Instagram — clara.cosplay — 

Clara Pins and Needles dress
Stormy Goff
There is a Medium Pins and Needles dress from the episode Hide on ebay. Here is the link :

Clara Carnation Skirt Trade
If anyone has the Nightmare in Silver Carnation skirt in medium I have it in small and am looking to trade.
I also have the All Saints Brogue dress in UK8 and UK10 I would consider parting with one of them if that helps anyone.
Thanks :)

For Sale Amy Pond and The Moment
Hi. I am getting rid of a few Amy Pond items that I never use and thought I would post them here first. All items are screen accurate. If interested please send me a message. I listed prices but am open to working something out and combining shipping if you want more than one item. I also have photos of all items. Thanks for looking.

Night Terrors
Noa Noa West End dress in mist melange size small
$90photos...Collapse )
Oasis biker jacket grey size medium
$150photos...Collapse )

The Moment
All Saints Rona Sleeveless suede biker gilet in stone size UK10 US6
This item has a little damage from the dry cleaners where they were not very good and tore some of the seams on the inside where the liner connects. I have photos of this and lowered the price due to this. it does fit the distressed look of the character outfit though and is still in great shape considering.
$125.  Originally $615photos...Collapse )
All Saints Myrine dress in white UK10 US6 - new with tags
$40.   Originally $225
photos...Collapse )
All Saints Ernst Cowl Jumper in natural UK10 US6. This is cut up in the show and used as arm warmers but the sweater is intact as I never cut it up or distressed anything to make the actual costume.
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