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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

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Wanted Hobbs Elm dress in a size 10
rapunzel94 wrote in dwcosplay_sales
Wanted Hobbs Elm dress in a size 10
This is my last attempt at trying to get this dress, despite how determined I am. I check ebay every hour (no exaggeration) and still lost out to one that sold on Sunday 9/12/18 for £35 (I am devastated). Then I got scammed by another seller on fb. So luck seems to be against me at the moment....

Despite this being the only dress I want to own of Clara's it is just the most impossible to get.

The Clara outfits I am willing to trade/sell are:
The River Island brown leather jacket size 10
Topshop 'Last Christmas' parka coat - size 10
Silence and Noise tribal style jumper (promotional photos) - Size M
Pins and Needles green cut out dress (promotional photos) - Size S

I would happily trade all of these items for the dress plus money!
I will not pay silly money for this dress, I can make a reasonable, sensible offer.

If you do have it or know someone who is selling it... please let me know! Thanks x