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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

Clara Sales/Trade
kiwi_cosplayer wrote in dwcosplay_sales

 I've decided to focus my time, energy and money into a few Clara  variants that I really want to fully complete. So I'm clearing out some  items to help me do this.
PLEASE make me an offer as these items  need to go! If you've got a Clara item you want to trade for something  on my list, please ask. Even if its not one of my ISOS. I don't have a  very big collection and will most likely be willing to trade.
I ship internationally! 

  • For sale or trade (see my list of iso below).
    River Island red ditsy dress from Day of the Doctor size 8.
    Topshop diamond print shirt from The Caretaker size 8. (only item with slight flaw near the collar).
    River Island brogue ankle boots from Into the Dalek size euro 39. (they fit more like a 40 which is the main reason why I'm selling them).
  • ISO List:
    Topshop Awesome Boots from The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar size euro 39.
    Urban Outfitters Deena and Ozzy Satchel looking for both the tan and red one.