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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

ISO: Size Trade - Time Heist Kooples Pants
cherik, erik, charles
jedi_janine wrote in dwcosplay_sales

I have a pair of the Kooples Time Heist pants in size 40 and am looking to downsize to 36 or possibly 38.

If there is anyone in the market for a trade, send me a message.

Pants are in new condition and I have confirmed they match the color of the jacket.

Clara sales
ranitidine wrote in dwcosplay_sales
I'm selling the following SA Clara items (see pictures below). Shipping would be from France (starting from €13 for the UK, €25 for the US, depending on the number of items / weight).
- Sessun Wax Ko Ko in size S - €80. SOLD
- Maje denim shirt in size 1 - looking for €40.
- The Kooples eggplant jacket in size 38 - looking for €100 SOLD (I can help with the matching trousers too if needed)

I'll consider offers. Message me if you are interested :)
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ISO Hide Pins & Needles ditsy dress
lcosplayclara wrote in dwcosplay_sales

I’m desperately looking for the Hide pins and needles ditsy dress in a medium or small (preferably a medium) - I don’t mind paying cosplay price but reasonable cosplay price haha

ISO: Amy H&M denim skirt
haventusedmycup wrote in dwcosplay_sales
Hi, friends! I have an alt for this that doesn't fit me very well, and I'd love to find this skirt to complete a couple of my outfits! Looking for it in probably an XS or US 0-2 or close. Thanks!