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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

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[sticky post]Reminders: Join the Comm, Use A Cut Tag
dw cosplay mod post
britgeekgrrl wrote in dwcosplay_sales

Although anyone may view entries on this community, you must be a member in order to make a post, or to leave a comment to a post.

Join the community via this link

I know it seems a little odd, but it was the best way to stop the spambots without taking the community totally private.


Added - 12/4/16 - We (the mods) have been prompted to tweak a rule regarding posting images and stepping up enforcement of the rules. Previously, we asked that ALL pictures go under a cut-tag. We're changing that to "Every picture after the first must go under a cut-tag". How to make a cut-tag.

And if folks could use some common sense with image sizing, that would be awesome. If you want to share a picture that's more than 1200 pixels wide, create a smaller thumbnail and use that to link to a larger image in your Scrapbook.


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Looking for Hobbs Elm dress in size 6 or 8, or smaller. Thanks. :-)

Hi Julie, you should join the community dwcosplay_sales and put your ISO post there. This is just a sticky post that folks don't/can't read once they join the community.

Rose Tyler – SA Red Diesel Jacket as worn by Billie Piper in Doctor Who Rise of the Cybermen

Hi there,
I wasn't sure how to directly contact you, so I hope this works. I saw that the red Diesel jacket you have that Rose Tyler wore in Rise of the Cybermen wasn't sold, but there wasn't a link nor anything on eBay. I just wanted to reach out -- it's probably gone -- but in the chance that you still have it.

Thanks for your time, have a great day.


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