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River Song Alpha Meson blaster run
roberty88 wrote in dwcosplay_sales
Hey all

I have recently finally found the nerf gun used for River's gun (where you other guys found yours I'll never know :P) and would love to do a little run of them for anyone who would like one.

I am offering a run of about 4 to 6 (the gun is packaged in 2s it seems at the moment, so would hopefully be an even number of people) and will be as accurate as I can make it and also feature both the green and red lights.

I would have to ask for a small deposite first, but if you had to cancel for any reason I'd pay you back in full. Ideally I'd like double the amount of people, 4/6 for the main orders then another 4/6 as back-ups incase anyone has to pull out for any reason.

The deposite would be around £10/£15 with the finished product at about £35/£40 (minus your deposite obviously). postage would be nothing for the uk and very minimal (nothing over a few pounds/dollars) for overseas as the blaster would still be pretty light, and obviously is not huge in size.

I wont be taking any money untill I have enough people interested, so pass the word along to any River's or collectors you know :)

If interested comment here or email me at:

Thank you!

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I'm way too creatively challenged not to jump on this, so count me in :-)

Thanks! Drop me an email so I can start keeping a list :)

just dropped off an email your way :-)

This is cool! I'm in too! I have one, and it's amazing, but it weighs a ton...

Thank you! Drop me an email and I'll add you to the list :)

SSS, do you have a way to contact Amber_song? I remember she was having issues with her alpha.

Right guys I have so far: 4 guns for sure and 1 maybe depending on getting it done in time for an event. So I have 1 space left on this run (maxing it at 6) for sure, with a few maybe spaces incase someone cant go for it :)

Thank you all for being so into this and supportive. I cant wait to start making them :D

Edited at 2012-01-15 02:12 am (UTC)

I'm in as well. I've been in desparate need of a blaster for some time. My email is

Edited at 2012-01-15 02:40 pm (UTC)

Hey all!

I now have all 6 places filled with a few back-ups. Please keep commenting if you would like one, but I will only be adding you to the list for the next run (in first come/first served order)

Sorry this was such a small run, but I could only find a limited about of the guns. Hopefully I can find soem more and get another run going as soon as this one is complete :)

Thank you all again for the support!


ME ME ME ME ME!!! Going to email you right now!!!

Hehe thank you for the enthusiasm and interest! Have put you on the reserve/second run list and await your email :)

Added to the reserve list :) Thank you!

I have sent out deposit requests and had a few back already so thank you to everyone for making this actually happen! Check your emails incase you missed it.

I ordered the guns and parts last night to get this going ASAP so I can start this week hopefully.

Thank you all again!


Oh Rob, sorry I haven't sent mine. My comp is in the shop, and this old one won't let me get into paypal because there's another account on here--it should let me. I want to throw it out the window--what was I saying? Tomorrow I get my comp back, and will send you monies oh yes indeedy. And thank you again!

Yeah thats totally fine :) It is only you left now to pay but everything has been ordered and is either here or on the way, so I'm not waiting around hehe

Group Run posts are allowed on the Main dw_cosplay comm fyi.

Thanks! I'll remember that for the next time :)

Also interested, my email is: jd508ebay AT yahoo .com . Thanks!

Added to the reserve list :)

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