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FS: River Song Wig, Diesel Jacket and pants.
aimeekitty wrote in dwcosplay_sales

Serious buyers only.
Paypal only.
USA buyers preferred, I will ship via priority mail.

my 100% positive ebay feedback is here my 100% positive gel feedback is here

Items are sold as is and I try to describe and photograph them as well as possible. All sales final. Please ask me any necessary clarification questions before buying.

If you bought all of these you'd have almost everything you'd need to cosplay Big Bang / Pandorica Opens River Song.

JACKET: This is the original screen accurate Diesel Gisil jacket in white. VERY HARD TO FIND, especially in larger sizes. This is size L. It fits me well at 38" bust, 32" waist.
I originally paid at least $250 USD for it.
I'm willing to sell it for $200 OBO. (USA SHIPPING INCLUDED)

I bought it new and have worn it maybe twice. In really great condition other than there is some slight marking from the belt, it might be removable, I haven't tried. It wouldn't show when you are cosplaying as River, though, as obviously, your belt would cover it. (see this photo and this photo and this photo and this photo)

WIG: I'm also selling the wig pictured here for $25 (way less than what I paid for it) Let me know if you need a non-worn photo. (USA SHIPPING INCLUDED)

PANTS: Also selling the modified grey striped pants for $20. (USA SHIPPING INCLUDED)
Champion size L, 95% cotton, %5 spandex.

more photos here:

original jacket product photos:

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I would so love to buy the jacket, but I won't have 200 till after Gally. If you still have it then please let me know!

thanks! I'll let you know!

Hi! Just wondering if you were still interested since it's after gallifrey?

I'm about 99% sure. I'm actually still on vacation, visited my friends in Az after Gally. I get back on Sunday. I would really like to measure myself, though planning to get serious on losing weight now so should be okay. I mean how big is the large? I've never owned a diseal jacket so I don't know how their sizes run I'm the same in the chest as you, but larger in the waist.

I can give you more measurements! The belt is making the waist smaller when I'm wearing it obviously,

but measured at about the waist of the jacket, lying flat, it's 19" (38" around) What's your waist size?

Sending you a PM, now that I'm back home and stuff.

If the first poster changes their mind and no one else makes an offer I'd also be interested, but I don't know if I can do $200. $150 might be the best I can come up with.

Hi, I'll let you know after the other poster decides after Gallifrey.

I was wondering if you sold the jacket? If not I'm interested in buying it.

awesome, do you live in USA or...?

I live in Florida. I think it will fit me, I'm concerned mainly about the waist but it is the jacket shown above correct. I would like to offer $100.00

$100 is pretty low considering what I paid for it..., I don't think I can accept that right now, sorry.

How low would you accept?

Would you be able to go to $210 for all three if you haven't sold the jacket yet?

Hi, someone offered me full price on the jacket, I'm just waiting for payment, so let me know if you want the other items for a different price.


I'm hoping you still have this - please let me know if your buyer came through or not because I'd be VERY interested in paying your price.

Re: please-oh-please-oh-please...

The coat is sold sorry! I still have the wig

Re: please-oh-please-oh-please...

rats...I just bought the wig, too, LOL

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