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Clara by ariana_tithe in darlingsun


Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell

Selling: 12th Doctor SA H&M Henley in Dusty Pink Size L
I'm selling a rare H&M Henleys in Dusty Pink that the Twelfth Doctor wore in S9. It's a size L and sadly too big for me.

Unfortunately, the seller didn't notify me of a fault this henley has which is a small tear in the right sleeve (see picture).

Make me an offer :)

Pictures are all under the cut, but I can take more if you're interested. Apart from the tear, the henley is in great condition and it's not visible while wearing it with the rest of the outfit.

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ISO: Amy H&M denim skirt
Hi, friends! I have an alt for this that doesn't fit me very well, and I'd love to find this skirt to complete a couple of my outfits! Looking for it in probably an XS or US 0-2 or close. Thanks!

ISO Hide Pins & Needles ditsy dress

I’m desperately looking for the Hide pins and needles ditsy dress in a medium or small (preferably a medium) - I don’t mind paying cosplay price but reasonable cosplay price haha

ISO: Size Trade - Time Heist Kooples Pants
cherik, erik, charles

I have a pair of the Kooples Time Heist pants in size 40 and am looking to downsize to 36 or possibly 38.

If there is anyone in the market for a trade, send me a message.

Pants are in new condition and I have confirmed they match the color of the jacket.

Clara sales
I'm selling the following SA Clara items (see pictures below). Shipping would be from France (starting from €13 for the UK, €25 for the US, depending on the number of items / weight).
- Sessun Wax Ko Ko in size S - €80. SOLD
- Maje denim shirt in size 1 - looking for €40.
- The Kooples eggplant jacket in size 38 - looking for €100 SOLD (I can help with the matching trousers too if needed)

I'll consider offers. Message me if you are interested :)
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Wanted Hobbs Elm dress in a size 10
Wanted Hobbs Elm dress in a size 10
This is my last attempt at trying to get this dress, despite how determined I am. I check ebay every hour (no exaggeration) and still lost out to one that sold on Sunday 9/12/18 for £35 (I am devastated). Then I got scammed by another seller on fb. So luck seems to be against me at the moment....

Despite this being the only dress I want to own of Clara's it is just the most impossible to get.

The Clara outfits I am willing to trade/sell are:
The River Island brown leather jacket size 10
Topshop 'Last Christmas' parka coat - size 10
Silence and Noise tribal style jumper (promotional photos) - Size M
Pins and Needles green cut out dress (promotional photos) - Size S

I would happily trade all of these items for the dress plus money!
I will not pay silly money for this dress, I can make a reasonable, sensible offer.

If you do have it or know someone who is selling it... please let me know! Thanks x

Clara Sales/Trade

 I've decided to focus my time, energy and money into a few Clara  variants that I really want to fully complete. So I'm clearing out some  items to help me do this.
PLEASE make me an offer as these items  need to go! If you've got a Clara item you want to trade for something  on my list, please ask. Even if its not one of my ISOS. I don't have a  very big collection and will most likely be willing to trade.
I ship internationally! 

  • For sale or trade (see my list of iso below).
    River Island red ditsy dress from Day of the Doctor size 8.
    Topshop diamond print shirt from The Caretaker size 8. (only item with slight flaw near the collar).
    River Island brogue ankle boots from Into the Dalek size euro 39. (they fit more like a 40 which is the main reason why I'm selling them).
  • ISO List:
    Topshop Awesome Boots from The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar size euro 39.
    Urban Outfitters Deena and Ozzy Satchel looking for both the tan and red one.

Clara Oswald SA Finds on eBay

I recently came across these couple of finds on eBay at affordable, non-cosplay prices! Hope this helps anyone in their Clara cosplay searches.

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Selling/Trading SA Clara Oswald Gap Open Stitch Knit Short Sleeve Jumper Top in the ALT White Color

Selling the SA Clara Oswald Gap Open Stitch Knit Short Sleeve Jumper Top in the ALT White Color. Size Small, can fit XS-M because it is oversized and comfy. No flaws, only worn once.

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Still ISO!
Amy Byzantium
Hello! Me again. Happy New Year!


If anyone would like to sell of any of their Amy collection this year please don't hesitate to PM me - I've got a good collection, but there are pieces I'd like to obtain or resize. If there's anything you're thinking of parting with, please send me a message with your price. :)

More specifically, I'm most eager to find:

Whistles Billy Parka, any size
Uniqlo shirts in pink, red and blue; size M and above

Have a great week!