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Doctor Who Costuming & Cosplay - Buy And Sell
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A place to buy and sell clothes and accessories related to Doctor Who
This is a sibling community to dw_cosplay.

While the community is open to anyone to look at, you must join the community in order to make posts and/or leave comments.

This is your place to list any selling posts relevant to Doctor Who costuming and cosplay - clothes, accessories, etc. You may list your own sales, or sales by a third party.

(A word of warning: posts linking to auctions can drive up the bidding on that item. If you're hoping to bid, yourself, sharing the sales listing might not be in your best interest. Caveat emptor!)

If you are organizing a group-purchase of a Doctor Who-related costume item (as the mod has seen done in the past), you may post information here.

If you are looking for a particular item, you may post a request here, as well.

If you advertise an item as yours to sell, it should be in your hands at the time of posting. We've had some issues with folks making a purchase from a third party and deciding to sell it on before they actually receive it. Don't do that.

TIP: When posting ISOs, please check back through recent posts. You might find exactly what you are searching for. :)


We make extensive use of tags, hereabouts. Here's a list of our tags - so far.

If posting an item for sale, please tag it with the apt character's name and/or other tags (such as "sonic screwdriver" or "scarf"), and episode/serial title as needed.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If you are looking for an item, please format your tag as "In search of - CHARACTER NAME" or "in search of - ACCESSORY". Please use character names whenever possible - although I understand that's not always an option (such as with the sonic screwdriver).

Posts seeking out items will remain online indefinitely, unless the original poster decides to remove it - such as if they got the item they were looking for, of course.

Posts offering critique/feedback (good or bad) about sellers will also be allowed, but if I decide that things are getting catty/libelous, I will step in and take control of the thread.

Bear in mind that sharing an auction listing here, there will almost certainly be a flurry of bidding. This is great if you're a seller, not so hot if you're hoping to place the winning bid, yourself. Keep this in mind before you share a third-party auction listing.

Important Note!

This community is a place of free-wheeling capitalism. The maintainer does not consider it part of her duty to act as copyright/licensing police. Caveat Emptor is a fundamental principle behind any selling community, and it is the individual user's responsibility to keep an eye on their tail-feathers.

5/15/14 - Please note: "Free-wheeling capitalism" should not be mistaken as permission to be rude. Play nicely with each other - and the moderator determines what is nice. For example: if you don't like what a seller is asking, you're welcome to try haggling with them - either publicly or via PM. That's okay. Comments that are left simply to complain about a person's asking price are not. You can be unhappy in your own LJ.

If you think a seller is deliberately committing fraud, please contact the moderators.


RULES (Updated, 12/14/16)

1. You must be a member of the community to post or reply.

2. Please use the tags to help describe your items. Don't use duplicate tags.

3. Please put all pictures/photos AFTER THE FIRST under an LJ-cut, or link to them elsewhere. If you do the latter, please make sure that everyone can view the pics. How to make an LJ-cut. And please use common sense with your image sizes - no images really need to be more than 1200 pixels wide - and big pictures break the journal layout.

3a. If the Visual Editor isn't working, use the HTML editor.

4. Please use a subject line; otherwise, your post might get ignored. Not using a subject line is a favorite trick of spammers.

5. Please stay on topic. This is a community for selling, trading, and searching for cosplay/costume items in the Doctor Who 'Verse. Exceptions may be made for items worn by the actors at special events, such as the Proms.

6. General inquires about DW 'verse cosplay should be made in our sister community, dw_cosplay,
Like here, you must join the community to post/reply, and also view. An example of a general inquiry would be "what is the brand name of Eleven's purple coat?".

7. Ebay sales may be posted twice a week; all other sales, once a week.

8. You are welcome to post to point to sales that are not your own, especially ebay finds; however, please make clear in the body of your post that these aren't your sales, less you find yourself deluged by questions!

9. Items must be in your hands *before* posting a sale/trade/auction. Members found violating this rule may lose selling rights temporarily.

10. All posts and replies must be in English.

11. Before posting an ISO, please take the time to scroll back through a few weeks' worth of posts; you may find exactly the item you need in a previous post!

12. If you, the seller/buyer/trader/, want members to contact you by the LJ PM system, you MUST have your LJ PM system TURNED ON!

Here are instructions:


Here is how you turn on your PMs in your Inbox:

Go to http://www.livejournal.com/manage/profile/
(there should be a link to this in your sidebar or topbar, depending on which site scheme you use -- it's "Edit Profile")

Once in the editing area, scroll down to where it says:


and look under that for


Right next to that you will see

Receive messages from:

There's a dialogue box with a down-pointing arrow on the right. Set it to what you want, which would probably be:

Registered Users

(this means that anyone on LJ can message you, but not people who just have Facebook or Twitter accounts that they log into LJ with).

Then of course, scroll to the bottom and click on the little gray box in the middle of the page:



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